HIGH&STYLE 2019-autumn

GREY series review

"Grey series is a nice entry to the world of Cable4 as it has the same drive and dynamics like higher series in lineup and the difference is only in details and space that it helps to define. Besides it is created and hand built in Slovakia, it's pricing is much lower than any comparable competition."

HIGH&STYLE 2019-winter

BLACK series review

"There is not a lot of cabling that makes You smile right after connecting into the system for very first time, especially for the price compatible with lower mid-class hi-fi components, that sells most in our part of the world. Black series from Slovakian manufacturer Cable4 definitely is."

HIGH&STYLE 2020-spring

CLEAR series review

"Clear means pure and crystal like and those cables are really fascinating with its interesting transparent design uncovering pure silver beautifully reflecting the light...

..Clear series is somehow a blind turn of Cable4 brand for using stranded conductors, but maybe that is what gives audiophiles very pleasant feel of fractionally warmer sound along with coherence, drive and dynamics like very expensive cables of other brands."

HIGH&STYLE 2020-autumn

SuperBlack series review

"SuperBlack series is not for beginners. Experienced audiophile shall appreciate that will hear how his components and speakers really play together without altering anything. It is pure, not changing the signal to make sound nicer or "more tuned", that so many mid and higher-end cables often do. After connecting SuperBlack cables, You get only the truth and nothing but the truth, that is really not for everyone. But with good system in decent room, You will definitely enjoy it!"

HIGH&STYLE 2020-winter

WHITE series review

"Even if White series of Slovak brand Cable4 is technically lower in brand's lineup compared to previously reviewed SuperBlack, it bring us something that is not even there - the best and purist copper on this planet made by patented process called Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC)... it's very good entry to the world of high-end, as it has a lot in common with Reference series and the price is on very acceptable level even for the owners of middle class components. It will be valued most by jazz, acoustic and classical music lovers for it's precision, tenderness and ability to reveal hidden details."

HIGH&STYLE 2021-spring

REFERENCE series review

"Reference series brings perfect synergy of the best from all other series. Best and purist copper on the planet from White with even more sophisticated shielding, bigger conductors and perfect multi-solid geometry of SuperBlack and there is more... Cable4 Reference series is dedicated to very experienced audiophiles and it will be praised by all balanced and detailed speakers owners with decent electronics. By my modest opinion, there is no good high-end setup that those cables would not fit in..."

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