Our story

Working over a decade in HiFi industry we found most cables not good enough to be used in our reference setups. More than five years ago we started to work with the best in the field to create something extraordinary. HiFi cables with completely stable impedance, perfect phase stability and ideal conductivity and coherence. That's how our first BLACK interconnects and speaker cables were created. All the rest are just iterations in search of perfection. 

Brief History of Audiophile Space-time Continuum

Cable4 is innovative audio cable brand that takes back basic principles of cable construction and combines latest state-of-the-art materials and technologies to achieve the best signal conductivity and sound coherence possible. Our knowledge is based on co-operation with best scientists and professionals from high-end cable industry and physics and our cable design is result of more than 30-years of evolution. All cables are designed and handcrafted in the heart of Europe – Slovakia.

GREY is our entry-level series, that brings more than a hint of high-end audio cables into lower-end segment with its very high conductivity and decent screening. Great dynamics and fine detail is something that every audiophile with lower budget will surely appreciate. Although rather cheap cables keep most of our key components as big diameter solid 4N coper conductors, low capacity beryllium-coper Z-shaped banana plugs or Hollow Pin RCA and XLR connectors. Grey OPTILINK optical interconnect is one of the best on the market despite its lower price and now is also available as TOSLINK – 3.5mm jack.

CLEAR is traditional HiFi line with triple shielded heavy-gauge conductors that allows us to make almost perfect power cables able to provide 16A/240V of pure current. We not only want our cables to be as good as possible, but we also try to make them nice. Pure silver used in braiding reflects light clearly as mirror, that’s why we combined it with silver plated transparent power plugs to emphasize that. CLEAR T4 speaker cable is also the only model available in single-bi-wire and bi-wire configuration.

BLACK is our basic high-end series and now 2nd generation is available with improved Impedance Control Technology (ICT3) that combines different techniques to keep stable impedance throughout whole cable also as bended. With outer diameter only 7mm it is very discreet cable and very surprising. In all applications it delivers clear dynamics, detail and coherence in whole spectrum at such a level that most of high-end competitors would never achieve. Our BLACK digital RCA cable is perfect example. Specially designed twisted solid conductors designed to exact 75Ohm impedance is so much better than any coaxial cable on the market, because of its high conductivity, low capacity and perfect connectors.

WHITE stands for purity. Perfect state-of-the-art OCC conductors take it to another level. High frequencies are so real and tender as it gets. Perfect when You need to calm down Your system little bit or just want the best results for still very reasonable price. Especially useful in Phono or Headphone applications where all the details really matters.

SUPERBLACK with its 9/12-conductor complex design and triple shielding is ultimate value series. Delivers sound fast and even as it gets. Try to compare it to any other cable in the world and You will be surprised! Even better when combined all over the system from the wall power socket to speaker terminals. We always use the same conductors in all the cables in one line. That brings unprecedent level of synergy into system. Perfect cables for all who own fast and well-balanced equipment that does not need no additional signal filtering or tuning.

REFERENCE combines WHITE series OCC perfect conductors with SUPERBLACK complex design and shielding level that gets even better. These cables are designed without any compromise to deliver the best results. You will not be able to "hear" those cables in even most critical setups. 

Enjoy listening..!

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