White Sub

Hi-end analogue interconnect based on triple shielded twisted OCC conductors construction. Patented demagnetizing polyethylene (DM-PE) insulation with ImpedanceControl technology helps keep signal strong and vivid. Perfect triple shielding keeps signal clean and white metallic outer layer keeps cable almost invisible. Designed for use with active subwoofers or central channels in multichannel systems.

white sub

RCA-RCA  (XLR-RCA on demand)


Three high-purity 7N OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) solid 19AWG (0.7mm2) conductors  in T3 configuration with ImpedanceControl.


Hi-End grade low density demagnetizing polyethylene insulation. Seven layers / single group T3 construction with Impedance control. High gloss metallic PVC outer layer.


Triple shielding consisting of thick conductive PVC layer and copper foil effective in high frequencies and thick OFC braid with almost 99% coverage.


Hand soldered balanced point-to-point connection HollowPin RCA connectors. White metallic color. Diameter:8mm










Triple shielded pseudo-balanced general purpose hi-end grade OCC mono analogue interconnect cable for real audiophiles. Ideal for use with mid-priced systems. Main difference comparing to Black Analogue is much more defined and detailed. Use of best possible conductor material on Earth - 7N purity OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) copper with very long grains and no cracks on surface brings not only very best conductivity, but also coherence with smoother and spikes-free higher frequencies. Hi-End grade low density insulation prevents phase shift, special compound in it helps lower interferences in-between wires and soft internal PVC layer reduces vibration and mechanical noise. Impedance control technology tights conductors so well that they cannot move from each-other even when cable is extremely bended. This helps to stabilize impedance and prevents higher capacity traps to filter signal or make reflections. Result is very stable and strong signal in all situations. High frequency shield based on conductive PVC and copper foil layers plus overall thick and very dense OFC braid prevents any other possible external interference. Special process hand soldered custom low capacity single contact balanced HollowPin RCA connectors help to minimize internal reflections. It's aluminium CNC machined body covered with carbon layer perfectly shields soldered connections.

crafted cardboard box with softbag

What to connect
DVD/BluRay multichannel players or streamers with analogue RCA (or eventually XLR) output to dedicated amplifier's analog mono RCA input.

Best to use with
Speaker Cables: White X-Speaker, White Speaker, SuperBlack Speaker, Reference Speaker
Digital Interconnects: Grey Optilink, SuperBlack Digital, White USB
Power Leads: SuperBlack Power, SuperBlack Power+, Reference Power SRC, Reference Power
Power Distributors: SuperBlack Power, SuperBlack Power+, Reference Power


Solid conductors

Construction made of solid conductors eliminate internal reflections and higher conductivity and precision.


Conductors made solely of ultra high 7N purity Japanese Oxygen-Free Copper made by special patented process called Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) are state-of-the-art of contemporary high-end cables.

HollowTip connectors

Fitted with custom HollowTip RCA or XLR connectors, lowering internal reflections and filtering.

Impedance Control

Geometry of conductors that are tight together in twisted pairs or threes by dedicated layer that keeps distance between wires absolute so impedance will not change even when cable is bended.

listening tips

Nils Lofgren
"Keith Don't Go"

Strong acoustic guitar live performance is one of the best recordings out there... enjoy fast and detailed sound like never before!

Acoustic Live, DEMON RECORDS, 1997

Agnes Obel

Beautiful strings in this very unusual piece from Danish piano Queen are more than enjoyable on well balanced system.

Aventine, PIAS, 2013

"J'aim Paris au mois de Mai" feat. Charles Aznavour

This very last recording of chanson king Charles Aznavour with much younger but also great Zaz is phenomenal.

Paris, PLAY ON, 2014

Soggy Bottom Boys
"I am A Man Of Constant Sorrow"

There are few versions of this title song on this OST and all are recommended. Enjoy the voice of Gorge Clooney or Norman Blake's mandolin in this funny, but adorable act.  

OST - O Brother, Where Art Thou, MERCURY RECORDS, 2000

price list

White SUB  RCA-RCA 1m

300 €

White SUB  RCA-RCA 2m

450 €

White SUB  RCA-RCA 3m

600 €

White SUB  RCA-RCA 5m

900 €

White SUB  XLR-RCA 1m

325 €

White SUB extra mono meter

+150 €

White series
RCA type
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