White Mobile mini

Analogue stereo interconnect based on triple shielded twisted OCC conductors construction. Ultra high details and very flexible for any mobile use. Very good shielding helps to keep signal clean and white metallic outer layer looks beautiful.

white mobile mini



Two high-purity OCC solid 23AWG (0.3mm2) conductors  in T2 configuration and OFC braid used as grounding.


Hi-End grade low density demagnetizing polyethylene insulation. Seven layer / single group T2 construction combined in X2 pair. High gloss metallic PVC outer layer.


Triple shielding consisting of thick conductive PVC layer and copper foil shield effective in high frequencies and very high density OFC braid with >99% coverage.


Hand soldered ultra low capacity extra small 3.5mm minijack connectors. White metallic color. Diameter: 5mm










Triple shielded minijack to minijack hi-end grade stereo analogue interconnect cable for real audiophiles. Ideal for use in mid and higher-end systems to connect any mobile devices, DACs or any other sources or hi-end headphones with single 3.5mm minijack input connection. Improves resolution, details and dynamics with huge versatility due to custom minijack connectors that fit in very small spaces, specially useful with headphones and devices that have inputs dived more into the casing. Main difference comparing to Black Mobile Mini is much more defined and detailed. Use of best possible conductor material on Earth - 7N purity OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) copper with very long grains and no cracks on surface brings not only very best conductivity, but also coherence with smoother and spikes-free higher frequencies. Hi-End grade low density demagnetizing DMPE insulation prevents phase shift and soft internal PVC layer reduces vibration and mechanical noise.  High frequency shield based on conductive PVC layer is 100% effective in shielding very high frequencies combined with single aluminum foil wrap and very dense OFC braid prevents any other possible external interference. OFC braid is here also used as grounding conductor unlike all other cables we offer just to save the space and makes cable much more bendable. Special process hand soldered custom low capacity 3.5mm minijack connectors help to minimize internal reflections and assures compatibility with all mobile devices as its outer shell diameter is only little more than 7mm. Minijack's solid aluminum CNC machined body perfectly shields soldered connections.

crafted cardboard box with softbag

What to connect
Mobile phones, mobile players, streamers, tuners or DACs with analogue 3.5mm minijack output to any amplifier's analog 3.5mm minijack input. Headphones with single stereo 3.5mm minijack input.

Best to use with
Speaker Cables: White X-Speaker, White Speaker, Reference Speaker
Digital Interconnects: Grey Optilink, SuperBlack Digital, White USB
Power Leads: White Power SRC, SuperBlack Power, Reference Power
Power Distributors: SuperBlack Power, Reference Power


Solid conductors

Construction made of solid conductors eliminate internal reflections and higher conductivity and precision.


Conductors made solely of ultra high 7N purity Japanese Oxygen-Free Copper made by special patented process called Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) are state-of-the-art of contemporary high-end cables.

Ultra Low Resistance connectors

Fitted with special ultra low resistance connectors, cables are clearer and more precise.

listening tips

"Rock or Bust"

From first tunes, there is vital guitar with lots of dynamics and bass drum is very alive. With good hardware nothing gets confused.

Rock or Bust, COLUMBIA, 2014

Depeche Mode
"Black Celebration"

Very slow and gentle beginning turns into rage of ultimate electronic sounds of the 80's that tends to be annoying when anything is wrong with the setup. But if You got it right, it is real pleasure to listen.

Black Celebration, MUTE, 1986

Rage Against The Machine
"Killing in the Name"

Epic bass guitar combined with drums in perfect harmony creates strong impression and You need pretty fast system to enjoy all the details.

RATM, Epic, 1992

Norah Jones
"Good Morning"

Gentle guitar and her beautiful voice is perfect for slow waking up with morning coffee on a table. And then comes the violin, a lot of details to listen to in a tweeter.

...Little Broken Hearts, BLUE NOTE, 2011

price list

White MOBILE mini 3.5-3.5  0.25m

250 €

White MOBILE mini 3.5-3.5  0.75m

280 €

White MOBILE mini 3.5-3.5  1m

300 €

White MOBILE mini 3.5-3.5  1.2m

320 €

White MOBILE mini 3.5-3.5  1.5m

350 €

White MOBILE mini extra stereo meter

+100 €

White series
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